Top Ways To Turn On Your Girlfriend

Unlike men, women are not visual creatures. They don’t get turned on by just looking at a man; therefore, a man has to work a bit extra to turn a woman on. Contrary to popular belief, there are a couple of things that can get her wetter than sucking her breasts. This can easily be achieved if you undertake the following tips.

Sit Her on Your Lap and Hug Her

Sitting your girlfriend on your lap will make you feel secured and overpowered. Women like to feel these two things. It makes them feel loved. Hugging her is very important while she’s sitting on your lap. Make sure that the hug becomes tighter and tighter until you have her very close to you.

Tell Her That She’s Beautiful

Staring at her eyes, and telling her that she’s the most beautiful woman that you have ever seen will make her feel very special. It will automatically make her feel a lot of love for you. She will more than likely give you the goods faster than you think.

Call Her, and Tell Her What You Want to Do

Yes, get a hold of her via phone, and tell her what you want to do to her. Start off by telling her that you love her, miss her, and that she’s the only woman you want to be with. Tell her that you always think about her day and night, and that there’s no other woman like her in the entire planet. If you do this, she’ll be wet and waiting for you

Go Down on Her

Once you have her on your bed, go down on her. Concentrate in making the clitoris feel good. Lick it for a very long time.

Kiss Her Vaginal Area

Begin to kiss her vaginal area from top to bottom very slowly. There are some men who do this very fast. You need to do it very slow so that your girlfriend can feel the love and not that she’s just another piece of meat. Going slow is the key.

Grab Her Buttocks

Touching and grabbing her buttocks will make your girlfriend feel that you are in charge, which will make her get wetter.

As a man, you have the power of making your girlfriend wet as much as you want. Yes, little things like this can turn on any woman. Try them, and see for yourself!

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